Wild Cards & Pumpkin Spice

Friday, October 06, 2017

Highlights From The Week Of October 2, 2017

Wild Card
It’s October and that can mean only one thing, postseason baseball! Jerry was watching the National League Wild Card game with his three-year-old grandson, Trenton. Trenton wondered what the players and manager were talking about during their many conferences on the mound. Jerry told him they were probably trying to decide where to eat after the game. The next night Trenton came into the room while Jerry was watching the Yankees lose to the Indians. Trenton’s only question about the game, “Where are they going to eat?”

Roma Downey’s New Project
Actress Roma Downey was watching the news recently and wondered why there wasn’t a channel that featured good news. That thought stuck with her and she started a website, LightWorkers.com that does just that.

Free App Of The Week
This week Jerry discovered yet another video app. This one is called PopGrid. It enables you to put up to nine videos into one grid. Of course, with up to nine video sources there is no native audio on the finished product. Find out more about it here.

Pizza Fox
There’s a new four-legged pizza thief taking the internet by storm. It’s Pizza Fox.

Pastor Study
October is Clergy Appreciation Month and the Barna Group has released a new report on pastors.  Among other findings, the report shows that pastors are more likely to feel inadequate about their work and suffer from mental and emotional exhaustion. Get more details here.

Pumpkin Spice
It’s everywhere and in just about everything, it’s pumpkin spice. You can find it in drinks, foods, even candles and other aromatic products. But what exactly is in pumpkin spice? Here’s a hint, it’s not pumpkin.

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